Easy steps to help keep your costs down

There are several people that end up having to pay for costly bills month after month because there furnaces consumes so much energy all the time. Here are some tips that you can use to help you prevent yourself from paying so much extra for your bills. One thing that i believe everybody can do is keep the temperature of their home lower than the initial temperature they usually do, it can help you save 2-3% more everytime you go lower only just one degree lower. Also one more key thing is to upgrade to a programmable thermostat!, that is very crucial because if you have the temp set for times throughout the day this will save you a lot of money. Last but not least seal all air leaks that because every home is is full obvious to subtle areas where air leaks. some places where you may find a lot or most of the air leaks is windows and  doors. Even more make sure you add insulation if you have areas in your house that are not insulated such as the basement or attic, you can save up to immediate 20% on costs if your house is fully insulated. most water heaters are usually set at a temperature of 140 degrees, do yourself a favor and set the temperature to 120 degrees such hot water temperatures are not needed to wash your dishes.