• When is it the perfect time to upgrade? 

      There are lots of household owners that are unaware of when it is the right time to change their furnace or air conditioner. Also there are some customers that literally have no knowledge about furnaces and air conditioners at all, but it is alright though because technology has advanced so much that anything that you want to learn without having to go through a lot of trouble to research on it is already here. The internet is one of the greatest assets to mankind, if you are unaware of something the information is literally at the tip of your fingertips. IN my honest opinion i think the best time to changing your furnace would preferably be when it is at least 17-18 years old. That is the best time because furnaces are run very well up until 17-18 years and after that is when problems start to add up and you end up spending a lot of money just to make sure it runs a couple of years longer. As your furnace gets older the efficiency of your furnace decreases as well, by the time your furnace is at least 17-18 years old your furnace is probably running at 60-70% efficient, and that gets costly when your furnace is running all the time and using a lot more power than it did before because its much older now.  Last but not least i would just like to restate that the best time to change a furnace is when they are 17-18 years old.

        • Improving your home ventilation!

      The push for energy conservation over these last couple of decades has resulted in houses being built tighter and more resistant to infiltration from outside air. but one solution has created a problem to another, having such adequate tight homes did not allow homes to get enough fresh air. but a whole house ventilation system helps bring fresh air from the outside,in. A basic ventilation system can relatively be inexpensive if the house has a forced-air furnace. while whole house ventilation may not be as glamorous as selling a stylish kitchen and bathroom upgrades it can go a lot further to ensuring you a long term comfort.

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        • Energy Saving tips on your heating system 

       There are several ways one can save money when it comes to there heating and cooling system at home. Heating and cooling is estimated to make up about 48% of your utility bills expense, no matter what kinda system your house may have you can always save money by maintaining and upgrading your heating and cooling system.Clean or replace filters on furnaces and air conditioners or once a month as it is recommended. Turn off all your fans within 20 minutes after using the kitchen for cooking or the bathroom for showering. Also when you are considering to buy new exhaust fans consider installing high-efficiency low-noise models. also eliminate trapped air from hot water radiators once or twice a season. 

        • Easy steps to help keep your costs down 

      There are several people that end up having to pay for costly bills month after month because there furnaces consumes so much energy all the time. Here are some tips that you can use to help you prevent yourself from paying so much extra for your bills. One thing that i believe everybody can do is keep the temperature of their home lower than the initial temperature they usually do, it can help you save 2-3% more everytime you go lower only just one degree lower. Also one more key thing is to upgrade to a programmable thermostat!, that is very crucial because if you have the temp set for times throughout the day this will save you a lot of money. Last but not least seal all air leaks that because every home is is full obvious to subtle areas where air leaks. some places where you may find a lot or most of the air leaks is windows and  doors. Even more make sure you add insulation if you have areas in your house that are not insulated such as the basement or attic, you can save up to immediate 20% on costs if your house is fully insulated. most water heaters are usually set at a temperature of 140 degrees, do yourself a favor and set the temperature to 120 degrees such hot water temperatures are not needed to wash your dishes.

        • Why Maple Home is the best HVAC company for you!

      Maple Home services has been around for a while now and their business is vastly growing and spreading as well. They have a very hard working and dedicated team that strives off their level of work for being the best and bringing you the best every time. They also happen to be on better business bureau for one of the better companies to be doing work with as their level of work and business speaks for itself. Another way of also knowing and recognizing that they are a very talented team is by the reviews customers have given based off the work they have done for them. A great company is not one that speaks for itself on how great or good they are, but in fact is one that is talked about how good or great they are by others based off their work ethics and level work. In my opinion maple home services is the best choice for anyone if you are looking for any type of work that needs to be done that is related to HVAC, maple home services has one of the most professional teams i have seen.  Always remember that there should never be a compromise on quality because its better to have something that will last you a while rather than something that will constantly give you problems, and end up being costly in the long run just for fixing problems that keep recurring.Nobody likes to spend a lot of money on something they don't want to but have to, so you are   better off buying something that is of great quality rather than something with lesser quality and a cheaper price.   


        • A Couple of things to keep in mind about your HVAC system this winter

      As we all know chilly weather is starting to infiltrate the greater Toronto area, you probably have already started your heating activity with your furnace or heat pump. This is a very crucial transition and those who aren't ready or prepared will be caught off guard heating repairs expenses as un-diagnosed problems lead to system malfunctions. Through out this winter year your heating need  will be based off the coming and going of storms on and off.  between december and march are the peak times for house fires and deaths, and heating equipment is typically the leading cause of such fires or incidents, both portable and fixed space heaters contribute to these statistics. A key thing to note is that stable settings will help you conserve a lot of energy, misunderstanding about the thermostat settings can lead to a higher energy usage. Also Home owners believe or think that turning the heating system off when nobody is home will be a smart thing to do because it will be  saving you money is not true. Once you turn your heating system on again your house will be very cold to start with but once the heat is turned on it will use a lot more energy just to spread the heat and make sure the house is warm. You are better off leaving your heating system on at all times, by maintaining a sensible heating setting your heating system will be using less energy will make your bill less costly. 

        • Three Crucial Steps For Winter Furnace Maintenance

      With fall coming to a near end and winter just coming up around the corner, now is the right time to ensure that your furnace is prepared and ready for winter weather/storms. Getting yourself a head start on winter furnace can be the crucial difference maker for having a warm,comfortable home this winter and being able to deal with unexpected repairs and bills all winter long, which nobody ever likes or wants. Change your furnace filter every 4 weeks so that your furnace can run smoothly at all times with no problems, changing your filter is a minor but very vital task. Keep the are around your furnace clean and cleared because during the winter time your furnace will heat up and you don't want anything near the furnace. Most importantly pay attention to your furnace during the winter time especially, because at times your furnace may heat up up too much and automatically be shut down because some furnaces have the safety feature in them. Always better to be ahead then to be behind, you don't want to be on the wrong end this winter in a really cold/freezing house.I Highly suggest/recommend giving Maple Home services ltd a call for all your hvac needs, they are the best company out their in my opinion

        • Importance of always being on top of your furnace/ac/fireplace 


      It is always important to always be on top of things just in case anything out of the ordinary occurs unexpectedly. Get your furnace checked annually so that no matter what mother nature throws at you this winter you will be prepared and ready for her. if in doubt always double check and even after your double checking you still have doubt always go to the professionals such as maple home services ltd they are  a very professional and expertise bunch of workers who know very well what they are doing. make sure that all your filters are changed on a regular base which is every 4 weeks, even more always try to notice if your furnace is starting to make a lot more noise then before that could mean something is causing a problem that could lead to a bigger and more expensive problem which nobody wants. 

        •  Difference between single stage furnace and two stage furnace

      The single stage furnace is basically a car that can only go on one speed and that's it, nothing more or less it gives you the same result over and over. Single stage furnaces only have one heat output which is high, so no matter what the temperature is inside your house if it needs to get hot due to the fact that it is colder outside the furnace will heat up the house. Also the single stage furnace is also louder then all other furnaces because its always running on full. The two stage furnace has dual options, where it heats up your house only using around 40 - 60% of the energy from the furnace. but once it picks up that its even colder outside and the temperature still needs to get warmer it will kick in to stage two which is full speed running at full efficiency. The two stage furnace is better because it only runs on full energy when it is needed so most the time you will be running on the first stage which is not full energy being used, which also means you are  saving money. Unlike the one stage furnace which is running at full energy the whole time which is more costly.These are the differences between a single stage furnace and a two stage furnace, in my personal opinion i would suggest going for two stage because it will help you save more money in the long run, and it is also much quieter than the single stage. 

        • How to Save yourself a reasonable amount of money when it comes to HVAC

      There are many different ways that a person can save money when it comes to HVAC, for example if you are looking to buy a brand new furnace and don't know who to go to just go online and search some of the better ac/furnace installation companies and check if they are on better business bureau. Once you have checked that and you know that they are a good company, just have them come by your house and give you a quote on how much the total cost would be. Another way of saving money is always keeping your furnaces air filter clean, it should be changed every 4 weeks, and sometimes you don't even have to change it you just have to clean it!! so your saving double the money. The cleaner your furnace is the easier and less energy is required from your furnace which will help you say money. None the less it is always better to buy the variable furnaces because they save you almost double the money. Last but not least always keep your ducts clean, it will make it easier for air to travel through which again would be less energy being used by the furnace to heat or cool the house. 

        • Imporance of furnace air filter 

      Having clean air to breath is very crucial, If you don't have clean air to breathe then you can get very ill and may get infected with a lot of diseases. Having an air filter is very necessary, and even more if your air filter is clean you can extend the life span of your own furnace. if the air filter is dirty it becomes harder for air to pass or go through so in essence your motor has to work harder and if that happens your motor can possibly blow. What a lot of people don't know is that keeping your air filter clean save you money because then it is easier for the motor and it doesn't have to use extra power to make sure the air goes through. when it has to put more energy in because your air filter is clogged, your bill can go sky rocketing. Maintaining healthy air so that nobody in your family has asthma because you can get asthma from constantly inhaling and exhaling bad air, and last but not least keeping your air filter is an inexpensive thing to do. it does not cost much to keep it clean and another tip is that you can re-use some filters all you have to do is just wash them. 

        •  How to choose the best hvac company for your own home

      There are many different ways to figure out which hvac company is the best company for you to give your business too, such as going onto better business bureaus to see who is listed on there, and who isn't. Even more you can also just go on almost any company's website and see their reviews customers have given them for their level of work. But sometimes there are companies that only post the good reviews customers have given them on their own personal websites because they want to look like the best/ compete with the best, so it's always better to go on many different sites that give reviews about heating and cooling companies, that way you will know for sure if they are good for you or not. Everybody is different and has their own idea of how they want their job done and who they want it done, then there is also those that don't care who does it as long as someone does an excellent job. some people like getting to know the business company better so they get a representative to come over and give them a quote because they prefer face to face interaction rather than communication through technology. Some people tend to get a better feel of who they are giving their business to when they meet in person and always get a quote about what you want done from several different companies and then choose the best one that fits you, don't go just based off of price only. Go off of their credentials and there interest in you as a customer to them. 

        • Importance of Humidifier

      Having a humidifier is and will always be a great thing, humidifier can do a lot of great things or you especially health wise. one reason is that if you have a lot of nose bleeds, the main reason for that is because you are in an area where it is dry air and if you have moisturized you can prevent yourself from nose bleeds due to the fact that a humidifier moisturizes the air for you. Another reason why having a humidifier is very important is lets say you have a cold,asthma, or even allergies a humidifier keeps your nasal passages lubricated all the time so it is easier for you to breath, also which heals the process of getting better faster. Last but not least it will relieve your sinusitis, when the air gets too dry in your house sinuses  do not drain or function properly at all. Adding humidity to your house is generally a good thing because if your suffering from congestion or sinusitis. a humidifier will provide much more comfort for you in your own home because at the end of the day all that really matters is you and your own family feeling comfort in your own home

        • How You can keep your furnace longer then expected

      Most people think that just because they got a new furnace installed that's it, they don't need to do anything else to. That is not true, just like anybody that owns a car you have to maintain it. You have to change the filter frequently and should get your furnace checked annually once a year ever year just to make sure everything is good and its running at its best. You should change or even just clean your filter every 4 weeks, and also you should get a technician to check your furnace in September or October every year just to be sure everything is good and nothing is clogged. /to make your life even easier i suggest that people get a protection plan from maple home services ltd they have a great plan going on which is really cheap and affordable. For just $9.99 a month you can be covered, you don't have to worry about anything if something goes wrong it becomes maple home services problem and just 

        • Does your water heater runs cold? 

      It is important to remember regular maintenance, timely repair and replacement of their units.When a water heater gets 10 years old it often produce signs of leaking, rusty water, or not producing the hot water at all, then it might be the ideal time to opt for the heating system replacement in Toronto, Canada. Timely repair and replacement, should know avoid you costly damages. 10 years use makes water heater efficiency go down as it ages the common sign is the noise and increased energy is a good idea to consider upgrading your old tank with a tank less unit as it can save you about 20% energy. One big advantage of the tank less unit is that it provides the instant hot water as compared to its counterparts. This means that you will not have to wait for the hot water and you will save on the energy cost if you have a tank less water heater installed. For more infor call us NOW. 

      How To Check A Broken Furnace Thermostat?

      Turn your furnace on and twist thermostat to heat mode and turning up the thermostat to a higher temperature. Check if hot air is coming from vents. Check for dirt in or around the thermostat by lifting the thermostat cover. It’s also important for some older thermostats to be level on the wall, so check that the thermostat is perfectly level. If there is excess dirt or corrosion, replace the thermostat or seek a professional to replace it for you.

        • Do my gas fireplace must need maintenance?


      Anyone who has lived by using a cold Ontario winter can appreciate the homey heat and comfort provided by a gas fireplace. In addition to being a clean, efficient and cost-effective way to boost your home's main heat source, a gas fireplace requires far less attention and effort than a wood-fueled fireplace.


      However, it's important to schedule a twelve-monthly gas fireplace maintenance visit with your local ClimateCare professional. Neglected fireplaces can produce several potentially dangerous - and finally expensive - problems if not maintained on a regular schedule. Here are a few common problems that can develop.


        • Buildup


      Particles, dirt and dead pesky insects build up in the orifices and burner jacks of your fireplace, creating it to burn idly, lazily, slowly, or not at all. Dirty or loose wiring connections can issues and worn gaskets enables toxic carbon monoxide to form of filtration in your living area. Even ceramic logs can deteriorate over time, blockage vents and burner plug-ins.


      Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, the dark soot buildup is not a by-product of your healthy gas furnace, especially on the glass doors. In the event soot is obvious on the doors, chances are good that the records, interior of the firebox and the outside air flow also contain buildup. A gas fireplace that produces soot needs immediate attention.


        • Wear and tear


      Every single piece of mechanical equipment at home needs regular maintenance to be able to operate at peak efficiency and your gas fireplace is not a differentiator. Components wear out, especially when a procedure alternates between periods of no use to high usage in the course of a year.


      Valves and gas connections can produce dangerous leaks, the thermocouple and thermopile need regular cleaning and inspection and the ceramic logs need cleaning and proper position for the fireplace to function efficiently. Neglected gas fireplaces are susceptible to explosions and sudden fire if there are escapes or component malfunctions, causing in serious injury or house fires.


        • Venting problems


      Birds, bats, squirrels and raccoons often choose chimneys for nesting or as warm havens. Nests, in particular those built by squirrels, can completely block a fireplace flue, triggering serious air flow problems. The bodies of diseased or trapped pets that die in your chimney will not only block ventilation, but will fill your home with an awful odor, particularly if you unknowingly start a fire.


      Newer fireplace models operate at such high efficiency levels that they extract the warmth that used to go up the chimney and deliver it to your living space. While no-one wants to waste heat, the fireplace needs warm air to provide the draft that removes gases and water from the flue. In the event that the flue temperature becomes too low, the drinking water and gases become rusted, which can cause the liner, mortar and even the brickwork to fall apart and flake.


      As has been a home owner, you naturally want to ensure safe and effective use of your open fireplace as well as capitalizing on its service life - but you might not exactly have the time or abilities for carrying it out yourself. A great gross annual service and repair plan will incorporate the pursuing maintenance steps:

      A 22-point gas fireplace maintenance tips

      A complete inspection of system components

      Inspection and adjustment of pilot light

      Spending replace gas, wood logs

      Inspect thermopile, thermocouple, lover, venting and thermostat

      Call your local ClimateCare affiliate for gas fireplace maintenance and you will also receive a discount off regular labor rates if repairs are required. Mainly because part of the most significant cooling and heating supportive in Canada, ClimateCare users are fully qualified and professionally licensed. Whether your gas fireplace is newer or older, your local Ontario HVAC professionals are ready to ensure your comfort.